New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Andrea Kane

Andrea Kane Andrea Kane's psychological thriller, THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE, became an instant New York Times bestseller, continuing her long string of smash hits.

It debuted Forensic Instincts, an eclectic team of maverick investigators, each with different talents and personalities, all with one common bond—a blatant disregard for authority.

THE STRANGER YOU KNOW is the latest tour de force novel in the Forensic Instincts series. Armed with skills and talents honed by years in the FBI, Special Forces, and training in behavioral and forensic psychology, the Forensic Instincts team solves seemingly impossible cases while walking a fine line between assisting and enraging law enforcement.

With a worldwide following and novels translated into more than twenty languages, Kane is also the author of eight additional psychological thrillers and fourteen historical romances. She lives in New Jersey with her family, where she is conspiring with Forensic Instincts on new ways to disrupt the status quo.




The Silence That Speaks


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