Launch of my new website!

Welcome all!

My first blog post on my new website. Hope this is a great start of interactions between you and me. We’ll talk about my books, my news, my updates and your thoughts about them all. So fasten your seat belts!

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4 comments on “Launch of my new website!

  1. Adam Wilson on said:

    This site looks amazing! It makes me want to steal your web guys–congrats on the fabulous makeover–it’s so cool!

    • Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I’m still working my way up the blog learning curve! Many thanks for the praise– I think my web designer and developer are geniuses!

  2. Blanche LaKind on said:

    Hi, Andrea! I love your new website. It’s informative and really easy to navigate. I am eagerly looking forward to your new book. I know that once I have it in my hands, cooking, laundry, exercise, etc. will all suffer until I read the last word.

    Hope you and your family have a healthy and enjoyable summer.

  3. Blanche,

    So sorry. I’m new to this whole blog thing. The moderation step allow me to filter out obnoxious and pornographic comments. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to you, so your comment is now “moderated” and I’m just going to delete this one. Thanks for being one of my first “commenters”.

    Hope all is well,

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