Well, I couldn’t resist running a contest in honor of Mother’s Day. Here’s the scoop: in THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE, Hope is a mother who’d do anything for her child, so when her little girl disappears she goes against FBI and law enforcement protocol and hires the rogue investigators of Forensic Instincts to supplement their efforts.

Enter the contest by posting a comment that answers this question:

What’s the most amazing thing your mother has ever done/did for you?

The contest entries will be judged by myself and my editor. The entries are due by Sunday, May 15th at midnight. A winner will be announced on Monday, May 16th. That winner will receive, in advance of its 5/31 publication date, an autographed copy of THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE.

Good luck, and I look forward to reading your stories!

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133 Responses to Win a signed copy of THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE!

  1. Betty Cryder says:

    giving birth to me. unfortunely, she was not a good mother. I don’t recall any amazing thing she did. But, I was her caretaker in the last few yrs of her life (She died from Alzhiemer’s) & I did come to understand how hard her life had been, growing up dirt poor, marring a drunk, raising 7 kids, working all her adult life. I guess the amazing thing she did was show me by example not to ever rely on someone else to take care of me. She made me a strong independent woman. That was amazing.

  2. Susan Gracia says:

    I can’t think of just one amazing thing my mother has done for me. She has been there for me through every step of my life. She brought me up in church and taught me a faith that is still with me today, and that God loves me, and I’ve taught my children that. We were close when I was a teenager and I liked sharing things with her. She was awesome when I got married and gave me the wedding of my dreams, even though money was tight, and we spent very little, she made it work. She was there for me when my children were born. I couldn’t have done it without her. I know that any problem I have, I can always go to her for sound advice. She is my best friend. She is amazing!

  3. Regina Shiderly says:

    The Most Amazing thing my mother has ever done for me is something that she does every single day and has since I was born. I consider it amazing because of the value I attach to it and its scarcity in any other area of my life. Its doesn’t have monetary value but its priceless. She gives it without holding back and I absolutely feel her love for me when it happens. It doesn’t take a lot of time but I’ll remember it forever. I know it sounds cheesy but honestly, my mother does amazing things for me all the time. She puts me first in situations she should put herself first and defends me like a pro lawyer! She provides me with groceries on weeks I’m short. She is my best friend, my therapist, and my mother. And the absolute most amazing thing she has ever done for me and something she does every day… is hug me.

  4. Leanne says:

    My mother has supported me in everything I have done. Through thick and thin she has been my best friend. Just for that she amazes me :)


  5. Desere says:

    I was going through the most trying time of my life, and no matter how hard it got or how much I felt like giving up my mom stood by me every step of the way she is still helping me and has not once left my side and is always there to encourage me to carry on trying and letting me know that making mistakes is part of life !

  6. Jeri Mellen says:

    Hi Andrea! (LOVE your books!)

    To be completely honest, I can’t pick one specific thing my mom did for me s far as specifics go. However, it was by following her example that I became the person that I am. I took care of both of my parents at my home while they were dying (mom in 2000, dad in 2005), because that’s what she did for her parents. Because I was raised with morals and sensitivity toward others, that is what I instill in my own daughter. Because she was brought to church every week and was raised with a strong belief in God, that is how I was raised and am raising my own child. But mostly, she gave me strength. She gave me the strength to get through stage III breast cancer at 45 years old with an 8 year old child to raise. I am almost 50 years old, and am crying as I am typing because not a single day goes by that I don’t think of her and miss her. The simple fact is, my mother did everything amazing. Not one or two or two million things….everything.

  7. sue brandes says:

    I would how to love my children and be a good mom. And also she was always there for me when my daughter was born. She has long since passed. Looking forward to your new book.


  8. I don’t want to sound full of myself but I believe giving birth to me on May 16th, 1977 is the first and foremost greatest thing my mother did. At the time -age 32- her family had disowned her because because they didn’t agree with her choice in men, particularly that he is black. She was struggling already and then I came along and added to her burden, yet she never made me feel as though that was the case. So here’s to all the mother’s out there who do what they do without complaining or expecting anything in return. Good luck to everyone joining the contest as well.

  9. SheriV says:

    My mom would come home from long shifts at work and work with me every day to learn my alphabet and read so that I could read before I entered Kindergarten. I wasn’t the easiest child to teach but she did it anyways. I’ll always be thankful of her forcing me and making me the reader I am today. I’ll also always be thankful for her for taking on a four year old and claiming me as her own.

  10. Krista Maxwell says:

    My mom raised my all by herself when I was younger.

  11. Shannon J says:

    I think everything my mom did was amazing! She helped me raise my kids. She did all sorts of everyday ordinary things that now looking back were truely amazing!

  12. Shelia Polito says:

    The most amazing thing my mother ever did for me was letting go. Due to a childhood injury I was confined most of the time to my home or a hospital. I attended school and church between the lengthy stays at the hospital. I was not active in sports or other activities outside of my home. So I was a socially award teenager when I got to high school. Mother did not smother me and let me make mistakes but was there to offer comfort when it was needed. I am still today make progress on my social skills, I believe this will be a life long pursuit. I am happily married with one great daughter. as my 25th anniversary approaches I am glad I had the chance to make mistakes to learn from and still a mother that would bite her tongue to keep from telling me “you can’t do that”.

  13. Barb volker says:

    She made sure I couldgo to college.

  14. Billie J Piper says:

    You are my favorite author. I make my husband buy your books as soon as they come out and when i get them i can’t put them down. Your books are addicted and are interesting to read.

  15. Sarah W. says:

    In 2005, I did a 100-mile charity bike ride to raise money for a cure for a genetic condition my mom has. I had never done anything like it, and I was terrified and more nervous than I’d ever been in my life. My mom dropped me off at the airport for my flight to California, and I was shaking I was so scared. I also couldn’t believe how cavalier my mom was being about my whole experience – I had really thought that she would be much more enthusiastic and supportive.

    On the morning of the ride, I received a text message from my mom wishing me good luck, but again I felt bad because I didn’t think she was being that supportive – especially because I was raising money for her charity!

    I had a really hard time on the ride and was considering quitting…until I pulled into a water stop to see my mom standing there, cheering louder than anyone. She, who is terrified of flying, had left Chicago around 5 am and taken two planes in order to surprise me. She had rented a car, and she then drove along the route to stop and support me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as guilty as I did for doubting my mom, nor have I ever felt luckier to have such an amazing mom who is also my biggest fan.

  16. Trenelle Collins says:

    Looks like a great book to read

  17. She gave me life and has loved and supported me ever since. She let me make my own decisions, my own choices, sometimes even my own mistakes. It’s made me who I am today. Not a day goes by that I do not feel grateful for having the best mother in the world! I love you mom!

  18. Deborah Wright says:

    My mother taught me the love of reading. Growing up we had strict bedtimes gaining a half hour later on our birthdays but if you read you got to stay up 30 mon past your normal bedtime. She didn’t care what we read just as long as we read. That love of reading helped me in every aspect of my journey to adult hood. My mother passed while I was in college and I truly miss sharing the discovery of a new author or a great book with her

  19. anne says:

    The most amazing thing that my mom has ever done for me was to be a good listener, to provide me with a sound upbringing which consisted of the values and principles in which she believed. Her strength and selflessness during her entire life gave me an understanding of how to persevere. Her belief in my abilities and future gave me the confidence which I have today. Her kindness was exhibited each and everyday by big sacrifices which were meaningful and so appreciated. Her common sense, thrift, and work ethic I continue to follow. She was always willing to help and give of her time and energy. My heart was soothed by her wise words. Sadly a mom who I miss each and everyday.

  20. Mary Hollifield says:

    When I was about 8 years old, my Mom and I were walking to the local grocery store, just about a block from our house, on summer evening, right before dark. We had to pass a tiny area of woods and when we did, a man ran out from the woods and grabbed me. I remember he was singing “Hey Goodlookin” and was most likely drunk. I was screaming and my Mom picked up a small tree branch and commenced to beat the living daylights out of the man. In the meantime, my Dad was sitting on our porch and heard me screaming and ran over, subdued the man while my Mom took me home and called the police. I will never forget my tiny little 5 foot tall, 100 pound Mother beating that horrible man with that stick.

  21. JackieW says:

    I have a twin sister and my mother never ever treated one of us better than the other…I’ve always been thankful that we were both treated the same…it’s never been a case of Mom likes you best….it was the same with my dad ..and they did a good job of raising us both.

  22. Deborah Rosen says:

    The most amazing thing my Mother did for me was to teach me to think for myself, which was no small feat in the era in which I was raised.

  23. wendy lee klenetsky says:

    I can’t remember when my mother WASN’T there for me, but if I HAD to mention ONE time, it would be this:
    My mother was with me, holding me and trying to calm me when I had a miscarriage…. THAT says it all!

  24. patrick m says:

    The most amazing thing my mother has done for me is let me live , after all the things I put her through.

  25. Cec S says:

    My mother, although no longer with us, taught me more than I could ever list but probably one of her most important lessons, was how to take lifes knock on the chin, get up and how to continue on, learning the lesson but not letting it make you bitter, but rather value the lesson learned.

  26. Carol M says:

    My mother was always there for me. She did everything she could to help me and she is still doing that. She forgave me my mistakes and loves me for I am.

  27. Carol Bomash says:

    My mother taught me how to be a friend, how to see things in my own way and to enjoy all of life, even the things that are not great. She told me never to be quite about something I beleve in and to always listen to what others may think, even if I don’t agree with them. She never held me back from something I felt I could do, always saying that if I wanted to do something, nothing could stop me,except myself. Thanks Mom!!

  28. Donna Hansley says:

    I have an amazing mother. Perhaps the most amazing thing about her was that she was such a great mother through her many struggles with mental illness and an abusive family. She was bipolar, in and out of mental hospitals while I was growing up. The times she was home, out of the hospital, I lived with her. She was a great cook and I have wonderful memories of the scents coming from her kitchen. She always had food I liked even though we were poor and she’d get in ‘trouble’ for spending extra money on those things I liked. She took care of me and loved me. She is gone now but the times we were together were the best times of my life. I think of her almost every day and still miss her, but I know she’s in Heaven and finally at peace.

  29. Gloria rude says:

    I appreciate everything my mother did for me. She worked hard to give me and my sister everything we could want. Her encouragement helped me to go to college and graduate. She wanted me to have the education that she didn’t have a chance to get.
    I’ll always remember her kindness — she taught me to be the person I am now. Miss her terribly!


  30. Lisa Rushing says:

    The most amazing thing my Mom did for me- well it’s hard to pick just one. I recently went through a pretty painful divorce, and she has been there for me every single step of the way! She has helped me out financially over and over again, as it is a major struggle trying to raise 3 kids on my own…..she taught me to be a loving and giving daughter…..She taught me right from wrong- lots of kids don’t get that from their parents, and mine thought it was important for me to know. I happen to agree! Also, giving birth to me when she already had 2 boys and her marriage was on the rocks- it took a lot of courage just for her to have me in a situation like that. And, she did it ALL with grace. So, I can’t pick just one thing. She amazes me every single day in some way or other. :) Hope I win, LOVE your books :)

  31. MaryC says:

    My mother’s belief that females deserve the opportunity to pursue their education.

  32. Brenda says:

    My Mother was a widow right after World War II not from the war but a car accident in which her only sibling a brother died also.One of the greatest gift she gave me was the stories and how she made me feel like i knew him.My Mother passed away a long time ago and i miss her very much.There was three of us daughters now there is two of us still alive.

  33. Linda B says:


  34. Rita W says:

    My mother went without to feed me and my siblings. She didn’t complain she just always worked hard. She is gone now but I think about her all the time and am grateful for all she did.
    It brings tears to my eyes when I think of the life she had. I wish she were still here I’d like to give her a big hug.

  35. Lisa McGeen says:

    It is hard to pick just one thing that my mom has done. She has always been there for me no matter what bad decision I made or stupid thing I did. Most of all though, my mom watches my boys before and after school so that I can hold the job that I love. Without her help every day, it would be very difficult for me to stay employed because I cannot afford child care. She is an amazing woman who has stepped up and helped me though even the hardest days! I know how lucky and blessed that I am to have her just two miles from me. I love you mom!

  36. Rachelle says:

    It’s hard to single out just one thing, but my aunt (who raised me more than my mom did) showed me her love every day. She is extremely generous, kind, and attentive to those she loves, and makes us all feel special.

  37. Charlotte Zimmerman says:

    The most amazing thing my mother ever did for me was being a very good mother,a listener,understanding me and putting up with all my crazy ideas. She never said YOU CAN’T DO THAT,it was always TRY,and I did,I realized my dreams of doing what I wanted and doing it well.

  38. Barbara McNichols says:

    The most amazing thing my mother did for me was ask me to quit my job and help her with my dad who had Alzheimer’s. It was the most demanding and rewarding thing I have ever done and I thank her and God for allowing me the time I spent with him. It enriched my life, gave me purpose and mold me into a better, more patient and more forgiving individual. I have been thankful ever since and when my dad died two years ago at home with us, I never asked God why. The time I had with both of my parents, will be forever cherished.

  39. jody says:

    My mother worked full time and raised five kids………….not enough sleep, not enough money. My father was abusive. My mom stayed up several days to make outfits for my three sisters and myself to wear to church on Easter Sunday. She deserved so much better than the Alzheimers that imprisoned her the last year of her life. Ten years, and I still miss her so much.

  40. Tracey says:

    My mom loves me unconditionally. I can be (and have been!) very difficult as I am stubborn and independent yet she is always there and would be there if ever I needed her, no questions asked.

    I don’t have children yet but when I do I hope I can be half the mother that mine is to me.

  41. Rhonda Laney says:

    My mother has always supported me in all I have done. Away to college wrote once a week. Supported me when I was on a mission for 18 months for my church. When I was home from my mission 4 moths later had a stroke paralized right side. In the hospital for 2 months she was always thier for me and to help me do what I could do. 4 years later I was a widow with a almost 1 & 3 year girls. She was thier for me. Last Week she was there for me. She is such a great example always helping others and caring for them. I hope I was a fraction of mom for my two college girls.

  42. Pearl says:

    The most amazing thing my mom did for me was pushing me to have a better life than she did, stimulating me to have a good education, be a strong independent woman who can take care of herself. She taught me to put myself first and love myself before I could love someone else. In short: she raised me! And that’s the most amazing thing there is!

  43. vickie says:

    After reading the posts, I realize every mother has her strengths and weakness, but does the best she can to raise her children to be the best they can be.

  44. Ivy Pittman says:

    Put me through college, full-time, 1,000 miles away some 30 years ago, as a single parent! Told me I didn’t have to worry about working, that that was her job.

  45. Amy says:

    I can’t think of ONLY one amazing thing Mom has done for me — the list of awesomeness is wayyyy too lengthy. That she continues to support me and be there for me, in whatever I do, is one of the top things on that list. Also, because my parents are separated, she continues to support the fact that I’m trying to reconnect with my father, even though their relationship is less than nice.

  46. Hannah says:

    I don’t have a lot to choose from since she died when I was still a child, but I had always wanted to be a ballerina and even though we lived pretty much hand-to-mouth, she somehow managed to get me ballet lessons and let me live my dream.

  47. Barbara Goettler says:

    My mother was my hero. She never complained, although she had a tough life. I didn’t realize how much she suffered until it was too late. She had asthma, emphysema and always had a hard time moving around. But she did everything she could to make my life happy. She loved my children and was the happiest when they were around her and I could call on her to babysit at a moments notice. Now that I am older and wiser, I realize how much I relied on her and miss her. My children are all grown and have their own families now and my youngest doesn’t even remember her. She was just three when Gram Marie died in 1974. Certainly wish that I had known then, what I know now, but isn’t that always the way. I like to think that she knew I did appreciate all she did, even tho I didn’t get to tell her.

  48. barbara s says:

    I went back to work after having two children. My sister went back to work part time shortly after her baby was born and I took care of her infant daughter on the 3 evenings a week that she worked. My mother, who worked a full time job, took care of the 3 kids on Saturdays so my sister and I could catch up on housework and rest.

  49. Eva D says:

    My mother has a lot of faults and was not a great mother but as an adult now I can thank her for teaching me to be tough, strong and independent and to never give up. These things are some of my best traits and she is the one responsible for me learning them

  50. Charmaine Neverson says:

    The most amazing thing that my mom had ever done for me is being my mom for the past 26 years. Her love and support has help me go through difficult obstacles that I had to overcome in my life. Even though she drives me crazy 24/7 I still love her very much. Now that I’m 26 years soon to be 27 she asking for grandchildren and mind you I’m not married. LOL! My mom has the best job in the world being a mom to me and my siblings.

  51. Judy Cox says:

    She always instilled in me to treat people as you want to be treated. My mother was a very nice person, and still to this day I try to do the same, I catch myself thinking “Mother” would not have said that:) She supported me in all of my endeavors. She showed me how to enjoy reading, she loved reading, before she died her eyes gave out and back then you didn’t have the audio books!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers.


    • Sheila Silver Halet says:

      I am nearly 68 years old(and a Grandmother of 3) -My Mom passed on when I was 54 and left the largest hole in my heart that I can never fill. She taught me that if I had nothing nice to say – say nothing. She believed in education and one of my first memories of her “My Beloved Rose” was when she took me to the library and instilled in me the value of reading. She gave me every sort of lesson she could and to this days when I play My Yiddishe Momma on the piano – my eyes fill up and I try to play through my tears….I Miss you – Mommy!!!!

  52. Looking forward to new book

  53. Michelle says:

    My Mom has always supported me during the twenty years I’ve had Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. She’s accompanied me to too many doctor’s appointments to count, has always believed in me before the illness had tests to back it up, and has constantly stood by me with her constant prayers. She has always made sacrifices to put others before herself and I am so lucky to call her my Mom.

  54. Jacquie Robertson says:

    Even though my mother had health issues while she was pregnant with me and was advised to terminate the pregnancy, she chose to take the risk and give me life. She also showed great love and compassion in caring for my father at home throughout his battle with cancer. In many ways through the years she was an excellent role model of unfailing love and compassion.

  55. Joanne Q says:

    My mother has been gone for a long,long time but whenever I was sick she would come and bring me chicken soup. Last time she drove over 50 miles and she wasn’t well herself.

  56. Donna Martin says:

    After my divorce my mother took care of my two boys while I worked. She gave them lots of love and attention. We lived with my parents for 12 years while I struggled to support my children. Thank God for both my parents. Thanks to them I have 2 wonderful grown sons.

  57. Rita M says:

    I never really knew my mother, but was raised by an aunt. She was an awesome mom to her own kids as well as the three she took in (me & my brother & sister) that belonged to her husband’s sister… talk about an amazing human being!

  58. Tamara says:

    My mom was always supportive of me. I realized as I got older she was my best friend. We have been fortunate in our constant love for each other. When I was young my mother taught me to look at others as if they were my friends and to find the best in people. This is bitter sweet because I signed up with hospice today. They said she is in the final stages of Dementia, she has lived with me and my husband for the past 7 years and I have been thankful for the all the wonderful time we have shared.

  59. LeAnn Knott says:

    The one Amazing Thing my Mom Did for me was to teach me to sew. It was a fact of life as I grew up but is something I continue to use. I made my own clothes, special costumes for my daughter, doll clothes for a help to the budget! I miss Mom as she has been gone for 5 years!! She also established reading in me! Thanks for your books and giveaway!!

  60. Lori Murray says:

    My mom is the most wonderful mom ever. When my husband and I didn’t have a place to stay she let us come and stay with her. I come from a family of 8, 7 girls and 1 boy. she already had alot of people staying with her because she’s always letting them come back home. And even with the house being crazy she still let us come back still. And its also just the littest things, like for Easter even though she doesn’t have alot of money she sent not only my kids $5.00 but me also. She said well no one ever thanks about you, so I had to send you alittle something. Right now she has two of my sisters, my brother, my sister’s two kids all staying with her. I just love how much she loves me and my family, and I think she’s the best ever. She just try’s to always help everyone.

  61. Nancy Black says:

    Mom has always supported me in all my endeavors through life. I was born with a defective heart and many operations later still have a defective heart. I was allowed to grow up with no smothering or feeling like I was different.

    During my school years I couldn’t participate in gym and when I graduated had to take physical Ed through my Senior year to get my diploma. She was with me every step of the way. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is..

  62. julie lowe says:

    i had my mom for 12 was 12 years of very smiles,suffering and pain and one day i called my mom and she was crying and she told me she told me she was thinking about killing herself and that she had already tried it by borrowing a gun from a family friend,driving to a park and sticking it to her head but she couldnt do it.I tried to console her and I thought it had she finally stopped crying and i thought things were ok so i told her that i loved her and i had to go and we said goodbye.i didnt tell anyone because I lived in a very abusive home where i had a violent step mother and i didnt want to get beat. That was on friday and on the following tuesday they found her body in her car at the lake and she was dead.Mine and my brothers photo in her mom had comitted suicide.i kept that secret buried inside me for a long make matters worse i was tortured by my step mom the day of my moms funeral and her family had her cremated before i got to the funeral.i suffered a nervous breakdown,spent 6 months in a mental institution and when i got out my step mom divorced my Dad because their wasnt anymore game to play.My Dad blamed me and threw me away so i had no one and my life was turned over to the streets with nowhere to go.when i was 16 and decided to leave that life behind i met my husband and we married and i went on to get off drugs and i stopped drinking and i now have 4 beautiful kids who i vowed to never leave moms birthday is may 12th and on some years her b-day is on mothers day and it is very hard but some how i manage to deal with it and the date of her death is June 28th,1988.I am a great wife and Mom and i could of given up but i didnt.this i s my mothers day story.

  63. Catherine says:

    58 years ago today my Mother gave birth to me. I lost her 4 days before Christmas in 2009 but those years was just Mom and me and she was my rock. My Mother made me the person I am today and I was able to pass it on to my three sons who are amazing young men and not just because they are mine. At times it was tough love but her love was strong and real. It was just the two of us and she gave up her life to give me a good education and foundation for my future. I love and miss my Mom

  64. diana leneker says:

    when I called up my mom to ask for help as my ironing was overflowing the laundry basket, she gave me this perfect advice: buy another basket! I do miss her so!

  65. Michelle Feyen says:

    The most amazing thing my mother ever did for me to give me good advice and she taught me how to be a good person. Additionally she taught me how to clean almost everything and household tips.

  66. Ms. Dean Young says:

    The most amazing thing my mother did for me was being a person with the strength character and secure in who she was. She loved her family and we were her source of pride. She was a wonderful role model for myself and my daughter. She was an amazing women creating many nonprofits to preserve the beauty of her community, as well as beginning a number of organizations and obtaining National Registry status for some special buildings in California and Montana. She instilled in me the ability to love and care for a wide variety of people, leading me into the work that I do and love. Without my mother I would not be the person or mother that I am today.

  67. Barbara Kramer says:

    I will never forget this–back when I was in high school I remember one particular Thanksgiving football game my school had and ALL the girls were buying a school sweater the school was selling. The sweater had the school colors and EVERYONE who was ‘popular’ was going to be wearing this sweater and cheering on their team. I wanted SO BADLY to buy the sweater but we couldn’t afford it. I was so disappointed but understood. I woke up the morning of the football game to find a box laying on my bed. My mom had spent the entire 2 days before AND full night before into the morning knitting me a sweater in all the school colors that looked exactly like the one the school was selling–but even nicer, and it was made with LOVE! Of all the things my mom has done for me, and she has done many, this will always remain with me forever. I am 63 yrs old now, and my mom is almost 85 and showing signs of dementia and does not remember many of these things, but she holds a special place in my heart and has made me the good mother I HOPE I have become! :-)

  68. Andrea says:

    I don’t know how to pick one thing my mom did for me, but one thing that stands out is how she stayed home with me when I was a child. She was there every day when I came home from school. She always had a home cooked meal ready for us kids and that is how I came to be such a great cook. She has been there for me my entire life throughout so many hard times. My mom is my mentor and friend. Another huge thing my mom did was pay for me to go to a fantastic university and get a degree which eventually lead to a fantastic career. She also paid for the greatest wedding (400 guests) a girl could ever dream of. I have to say I truly believe I have the greatest mom and I love her with all my heart. She has always been there to take care of me and some day I hope I can do the same for her.
    I absolutely LOVE your books and I thrilled to read the new one.

  69. My mother tried to be a good mom. She was not affectionate, didn’t respect my daddy. She did the best with the example her parents afforded her. But I never doubted she loved me, even during the times we were at odds with each other as I was growing up. In 3rd grade my teacher accused me of stealing. My mother was the only person who believed me when I said I did not steal. I’m 60 years old and that still is so very important to me. My sister and I cared for her the last year of her life. I loved her so much and miss her every day. Each mom is different.

  70. Val Pearson says:

    My mother does amazing things everyday. She was a single mom to my brother and I and busted her butt working three jobs to put food on the table. She always stole those little moments with my brother and I to let us know that we were loved. She has given me so many wonderful memories. My mom is not just my mother but my best friend.

  71. deborah roussety says:

    First my mother gave birth to me,I would say that my mother was amazing as she always gave her time for me,she was with me in the good times and bad,lost her last year but the most amazing thing is she lives in my heart.

  72. Sabine Blanch says:

    Being there for me when I needed her most…

  73. SUE DORAN says:

    I can tell you easily what my Mother did for me. She adopted me. When my birth mother didn’t want me, this wonderful lady took me and my brother and raised us in fine fashion. Raised us to know right from wrong and cared for us more than any mother could. Gave us a real life that we probably would have missed if not for her. There is no telling where we would have wound up if she hadn’t stepped up to raise us as her own. She has been gon e 11 years now and I miss her every single day. I keep her ashes and I talk to her often. She is a diamond in the rough.

  74. Penny Barber says:

    Mom said, “You can do anything,” so often I never questioned it.

  75. Kathleen Kelly says:

    The most amazing thing my mother has ever done for me was to will herself to live last year when they had to amputate her second leg. She almost didn’t make it because she could not face the idea of life without her legs, she had given up. She has a disease that shrinks the veins and they were not able to move the blockage in time to save her leg. The day before her surgery she decided she wanted to live for myself and her granddaughter. Since that decision, she has never looked back. She is in her early 70’s and embraces each day of her life. The every day tasks we tend to take for granted take her so long to perform, but she never complains. She’s glad to do it so she can be there for me. She is a constant emotional support for my daughter and I and she is always willing to listen. Her strength and determination give me strength and determination. I am so grateful for the gift she gave me because I can’t imagine life without her.

  76. Kathleen Kelly says:

    My amazing mother

  77. Janice says:

    My mom loved my father and when he died at 47 with 4 children under 16 she kept the family together and moving in the right direction though her heart was breaking.
    She stood up to the family that thought her daughter shouldn’t go to college but get a job. It was what my dad and her had wanted for all there children and I am thankful for that and all the other ways she took a stand for us.
    It is now my honor to take care of her as she has Alzheimer’s and just yesterday said,”I have loved you for as long as I can remember”. She still does remember me and the rest of her children and grandchildren majority of the time though not so much for dad. I am thankful for her daily.

  78. Mickey McCall says:

    My mom has always been my biggest supporter, encouraging me and pushing me to be the best I could be. When I was in college I was very ill and had to be hospitalized for a couple of weeks. While both of my parents were by my side, it was my mother that I looked to when I first opened my eyes after surgery. Mothers are the backbone of our society, and I bless God daily for my mom.

  79. Kirsten says:

    Mother’s Day is hard for me.. My mom is a difficult person. She isn’t gentle or tender or loving. She has a different reality from most of us. She is, in other words, messed up. She was adopted by my grandmother who never let her forget she wasn’t “blood”. And she was harsh with my mom.

    However I learned many things from Mom. I learned to be strong. I learned that I can take care of myself when others won’t. I learned how to be a better mom to my girls than she was to me. I have learned from her mistakes.

    I also learned as I got older to find tolerance and forgiveness. And that every person has a story. I told my girls that the person on the street, the person on the news..that person at school…they all have a story. We were all babies once and we grew into the person we are because of circumstances, the people around us and life. We don’t know why they are the way they are or why they do the things they do.

    We must have respect for others and compassion. And hopefully my girls will be better than I was, than my mom was, and my grandmother. I learned to have hope.

  80. Vicki Chrzanowski says:

    My mother is the most amazing person, on top of giving birth to me, she gave me 3 sisters and a brother. She was a stay at home mom, who was my Girl Scout leader for brownies and juniors. She also was the secretary when my father started his own business which operated 24 hours aday, She is a wonderful best friend to all 5 of us!!

  81. Marsha McEachern says:

    The most amazing thing my mother did for me was to be a”liberated woman” years before the term was ever conceived!!

  82. deb c says:

    The most amazing thing my mom did was to raise me the very best she could and then let go to let me make my way in the world(but she was always there if I fell). She was always encouraging and my biggest cheerleader. Through the years she has come my best friend and not just my mom.

  83. Realynn says:

    The most amazing thing my mother has done for me is simply being my mother. She has encouraged me, supported me, guided me and helped me in every way she could. She is always there to listen to me, always ready to give a hug, always a kind word on her tongue. She gives me praise when I deserve it and scolds me when I don’t. She is a mom and she is brilliant at it.

  84. Rebecca Delio says:

    My Mom was the best Mom ever, she raised me and my three sisters after my Dad died of cancer, and then two more children after a second marriage, which was more difficult as my step-father had Huntington’s Correa and my half brother was also diagnosed with the disease and resides in a nursing home, and my half kid sister was diagnosed with juvinal diabetes which is the worse diabetes you can have, she took care of us and my sister and brother until her death 6 years ago. She was a great Mom and Grandmother and we all miss her every day.

  85. Mel K. says:

    Giving me an appreciation for art, music, reading. Instilling in me love, compassion, and respect. Taking me to Europe in 1984 wasn’t shabby either. :-)

    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

  86. Sarah Reynolds says:

    My mother is a very selfless person! She was a stay at home mom to take care of me and my brother and sister when we were little. She was always involved in what we did be it gymnastics, cub scouts (den mom), girl scouts (leader), PTO (secretary), or even putting up with me learning the clarinet! When my dad was diagnosed with Muscular Dystropy she didn’t waver. She actually went to work to help support the family when dad was no longer able to. She is a beautiful person inside and out!

  87. Joy Rothberg says:

    The most amazing thing that my mom has done for me is that she is always there for me no matter what. She has done the thank less job of raising 2 daughters and sending them out into the world with out wanting anything in return. Well for one thing I truly love my mom and have said thank you by caring about her. Taking care of you child and loving her is truly a selfless act that my mom has done. Sometimes she has asked me was I a good mom and I have told her many times you are and have been and will always be a truly great mom. Being a mom does not stop when the child grows and leaves the nest, being a mom is a job that alwys lasts forever. It is a job that my mom has done and is still doing, but she has learned the job from the best mom ever my grandma her mom.

  88. Kim says:

    My mother was a stay-at-home mom and the most amazing thing she did for me was to give me the security of unconditional love. I knew that whatever life through at me, whether good or bad, my mother would always be there for me. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her and think about her.

  89. Leanna Morris says:

    One: she gave birth to me and she and my dad brought me up in a loving Christian home

  90. JOYE says:

    I think the thing that stands out the most is that my mom always supported me in what I wanted to do , even when she knew it wasn’t in my best interests..she was a mom who let us me make my own decisions even if we failed. But she knew when to say No as well.

  91. Mary says:

    My mom will soon be 90. My dad died in Feb, after 65 years of marriage, and despite some memory problems my mom has been soldiering on. She sets an amazing example for me as she has always done.

  92. Rosemary Simm says:

    It was always, Sunday’s at the Rodgers’ house. Mom cooked big meals and Mom and Pop reached out to our friends. Our school friends were usually sleep-overs on the week-ends, and boyfriends and girlfriends would show up regually. There was never a thought of not having enough for everyone to eat, and everyone would socialize with Mom and Pop as if they were their own parents. This continued until we were all married and on our own, but often the friends would just show up to say hello to them and catch up. Of course, dinner was served.

  93. The most amazing thing my mother continues to do for me is to always be there and shows me what an amazing grandmother she is which continues to bring back great memories of my own childhood. Her life is about giving her children and now grandchildren TIME, nothing better.

    A great contest, thanks AndreaK.

  94. Kenneth Hooper says:

    The youngest of 3 children, I was the only boy so a unique experience for my mom. My father was an alcoholic so mom did the best she could in raising me `as a boy’ as opposed to the experiences she gave to my older sisters.
    She took me baseball games, became a den leader for my cub scout pack, entered me in little league….all of the experiences that should have been my father’s responsibility.
    I raised rabbits and guinne pigs and turtles and lizards and once a snake.
    The snake was just a little too much for her but she knew I loved having it as a pet.
    Finally I agreed to set it free, but I wanted to make sure it would be happy so as terrified as she was of the animal, she drove me 40 miles up into the mountains with the snake in a paper bag on my lap next to her so I could release it next to a mountain stream,
    Even more than courage, that took a great understanding about what I needed and a respect for what was important to me.
    It may not seem like much, but it was a great sacrifice on her part to overcome her fears for the love of her son.
    Thanks, Mom,
    Years after your death I still love baseball, because of you…..and learned patience and tolerance and most of all respect in raising my own 3 children,
    Thanks Mom,
    I love you but don’t miss you so much because you are still living inside of me always.

  95. Joanne Bozik says:

    My mom brought me into this world, she gave me so much love, strength, and raised me to be the loving mom I had been to my sons and the loving grandma I am to my grandsons…….she was very special to me then, now and through eternity. I miss her greatly!

  96. My Mom has done amazing things for me through out my whole life but she supported me at a time when there was a chance I might have been pregnant. My friends’ Moms had all kicked them out of the house even when they hadn’t taken a pregnancy test but my Mom was there with me through every step and even through the depression of knowing I wasn’t. I could ask for a better Momma!

  97. Margaret Franson says:

    I think the greatest thing that my mother did for me, and also for my sister, was to give unconditional love. I think that is why mother’s were put on this Earth. My mother passed away in 2001, the day before Mother’s Day, at the age of 89. I miss her every day.

    • Margaret Franson says:

      Oops, in the second sentence above, that should be mothers not “mother’s.” My bad, and I’ve been an editor for more than 40 years. The lesson to be learned from this is: “always reread your comment before you post.”

      Happy Mother’s Day!

  98. Anne M. says:

    My immediate thought was that she gave birth to me. She was also a brownie and girl scout leader so there would be a local troop for me to be part of. Despite having under gone several surgeries for cancer and a couple of chemo regimens, she continues to try to take care of me, her 48 year child, when I visit, planning activities and cooking my favorite meals.

  99. Lisa V says:

    Apart from the miracle that is life, my mother has supported me & my siblings – never judging, but always telling us the truth. Over the pas 2 years she has been the foundations that ensured our family stood strong – much like a house that is ravaged by the challenges Mother Nature throws at it. My baby brother was diagnosed with cancer, my dad with cancer, my grandfather with cancer and then my sister with emergency surgery – not to mention me returning to study and attempting to complete my thesis. She’s my best friend; the one I turn to when I need to shut out the world and she never falters.

    I can go on…as many others could about the importance of their mother in their life – or even in their memories….to me she is Mum but that is much more than just a word.

  100. jean hedrick says:

    She worked 2 jobs, but was always there for use emotionally. She made sure any friends were welcome and never went hungry. then when I got married with a home of my own, I found out the good fairy (who finished projects, ironed that special outfit etc) didn’t move with me. Made me realize all the extras behind the scenes she did. She has been gone 25 years now and I still miss her.

  101. kimmy lange says:

    My house burnt 6 years ago and then 6 months later my husband passed away. She was there with me and my kids the whole way. If she hadn’t of been there I do not know where I’d be today.

  102. Renee Rousseau says:

    My mom encouraged me to make time for a Typing class in High School even thought my schedule was full of Honors math and English courses. I am so glad I took her advise (even as I type these words).
    Forty years ago my Mom took on a pt job even though she had 6 kids to care for, just so I could go to college.
    Love you Mom!

  103. Shannon Baas says:

    She has always been there for me.

  104. nelits says:

    My mother died when i was just 2. I don’t remember her company around or her face even…but there doesn’t have to be anything else more important that I have always been and will always be thankful than bringing me out to see the WORLD.

  105. Tonya Keener says:

    My mother raised my daughter when, because of alcoholism, I couldn’t. She took her from me when my daughter was 5. I was so angry when she took her but now I am so greatful to her that I tell a lot. I now have almost 15 years sobriety and my daughter is 23 and graduated last Sunday from FSU (Cum Laude) with a four year degree in “Early Childhood Education”. My daughter put herself through school.

  106. Darnell M. Davis says:

    What’s the most amazing thing your mother has ever done/did for you?

    May my mother rest in peace!
    The amazing thing that my mother did was ‘listen’. She was a single mother raising three girls and worked a lot. My mother wasn’t able to attend plays or games after school but when you needed to just talk, she was there. My sisters and I were never hungry, always clothed and had a roof over our heads, so if Mom wasn’t at school functions, that was alright, she was there to listen to us and that is all that we needed. We lost our mother in late summmer, 2009, and you know what? We still talk to her and we know she is listening.

  107. Barbara says:

    Auguri mamma!!!

  108. Sheila Silver Halet says:

    I truly enjoyed reading all the comments – God Bless Mothers Everywhere…They light up our lives!!!!

  109. Barbara Mulvey says:

    It is difficult to list one amazing thing that my mother
    did for me. She would always say she didn’t want any
    gifts for Mother’s Day, holidays, etc. So one year, I composed
    the following poem one Mother’s Day. After Mom passed,
    I found the poem among her memorabilia. With my brother &
    sister by my side, I read the poem at her funeral service.

    Through the years you shaped our happy home
    Making sure we were never left alone.
    Cooking, baking, cleaning house
    Never having to do without!
    Chauffeuring us here, there & everywhere
    Showed us that you truly cared.
    Parties, dances, friends’ homes & school
    Always supporting what we chose to do.
    Oh, such strength when Dad was ill
    Certainly bearing more than your fill.
    You carried on through thick & thin
    Sorting fishhooks from each bin.
    Your dedication to your family is treasured
    And simply cannot be measured!
    In all the world, DEAR MOTHER –
    There could never be another!

  110. Susan W says:

    My mother was my best friend. She passed 1/10. She had a tremendous impact on my life. The greatest gift she gave me was unconditional love. She was given that gift from her mother. I also miss my grandma terribly. I am extremely blessed to have had the best mother around!

  111. Gloria Walshver says:

    My mother is an amazing woman even though she was in her 80’s she took care of me when i came from the hospital after having surgery for Colon Cancer.

  112. Susan Fite says:

    As a little girl I remember my Mom teaching me how to knit and embroider so I have a love for crafting today. She always let us “help” her cook so that we learned how to cook. Never once did we doubt her love or care for us. Growing up she was our Mom, not our “friend” ~ that came when we were grown up! So I would say that the most amazing thing she did was simply be the best mom in the world!

  113. veronica lindsey says:

    I think the most amazing thing my mother did for me was put up with me during my pre-teen and teen years. I was rather independant and outspoken at that age.

  114. Terri L says:

    There really isn’t one great thing my mom has done for me. She raised us to understand the value of hard work and my sister and I have both benefitted from that in our adult lives. She has since supported us in our marriages and helps us out tremendously with our children. But if I had to pick one thing that she did just for me, I would say that it was standing up to my dad so that I could go to the college of my choice instead of going to a local college and staying at home. My ability to go to a college farther away and “spread my wings” was very important to me becoming who I am today.

  115. edq143 says:

    this sounds wonderful

  116. Videl says:

    To Love Me.. With the Best way She can do.. Even if I’m Imperfect in others people eyes… I always be Her perfect daughter in Her eyes..

    Happy Mother’s Day Everybody… ^^

  117. cheryl m kaplan says:

    The most amazing thing my mother did for me was to make sure I was confident, yet not arrogant…polite and kind, but not a pushover. She taught me that people are different, not better or worse. An education is wonderful, but does not necessarily make you smarter. To sum it up…she taught me to love myself, as well as others, for their good as well their not so good sides. And, she taught by example.
    Miss you Mommy Edie.

  118. Maureen says:

    I think the most amazing thing my mother did for us was make all the decisions in the family be about what was best for the children. I always knew that us kids were the priority in my parents’ life.

  119. Pat Cochran says:

    The most amazing thing that Mother did was to raise nine children to young adulthood without losing any of them to the streets or to bad lives. We were from a lower income situation and Daddy worked hard to provide for us. Mother kept us all well-clothed (she sewed a lot of our clothing), well fed (she was a marvelous cook!), sheltered, and was a forerunner of today’s Mom who drives the kids everywhere! Instead of a van or SUV, she drove a station wagon. She saw that we all stayed in school and we all graduated from the same high school. She also saw that we had a religious education and even hosted the neighborhood’s religion classes at our house. Our youngest sister went on to 30 years as a religious after Mother supported her interest in the church. Three brothers went into the Navy and those of us who had
    an interest in further education were encouraged to follow our hearts. She was a
    lifelong volunteer with the PTA and our parish church. I’m proud to say that we
    were married in the “chapel that Mother built!” She and her best friend headed up
    the parish committee that financed and built an addition to our church. She did all this with a junior high education plus one year in high school. I’m proudest of the
    fact that Mother, by example, taught us to give of ourselves on all levels and in all areas of our lives. Mother left us several years ago but she left behind 3 generations
    of family who are following in her volunteer footsteps.

  120. JAMES P LYNAM says:


  121. Gina Palermo says:

    Besides raising six kids and always putting us kids first, she gave me money so I could pay my rent one time when going thru personal problems and she is on social security so I know it was a hardship for her.But the one thing that truely sticks out is the time I was going to community college;she had worked all night (11-7), and she drove me to school and waited for me in the car,in the hot sun! She actually fell asleep while doing so just so I wouldn’t miss my classes. This is only one kindness she has shown me over the years and it’s taught me to be the kind of parent I hope my kids will be.

  122. Amber Cass says:

    My mother has been through tons of trials in her life. She raised 2 kids and taught me how to be a good caring person. I have been with my mom during many trying times, supporting each other, and also through alot of medical procedures. My mom is young, but she is such a strong person! I’m thankful for her bringing me into this world and always being there for me when times are tough. We have picked each other up off the ground more times than i can count. I don’t know how i would make it through some days without her. Mom’s play an important role in our lives, I know mine has! No matter how tough things were, she always included us an never once stressed. I love you mom!!

  123. scottsgal says:

    My mom passed away at 49 years of age from pancreatic cancer when I was 25 years old. During the year she was sick she still thought of her family first. She didn’t complain or question “why me”. She was very strong in her faith and that was a calming influence on her and us. She taught me to cherish each moment we have with our loved ones, make sure you say everything that needs to be said with no regrets and that it is possible to show grace and strength every day without complaining, to make each day the best it can be. I miss her every day and thank her for the lessons she showed us – I believe I’m a much stronger person because of her strength.

  124. SHERI CARTER says:

    The most amazing thing my mother did for me wasn’t really for me but wound up being that way. My mother & father were much older when they had kids. She was 36 when she had me in 1956 and 38 when she had my brother and up till then she worked.They were very much the then “traditional family”. Dad went to work and Mom stayed home with the kids. When we got older she wanted to go back to work.
    My father wasn’t too happy and told her sure you go back to work, but you will be home in the Am when kids go to school and you’ll be home when they get off school. That way he figured she would never get a job and stay home. Well she went out and got a job at the school cafeteria and was home when we left and home when we got home from school. What I got from that is if you want something bad enough you’ll fine a way to do it. She worked at the cafeteria till I graduated from high school and then went to work full time. In a time when females weren’t considered “equal” she gave me the great gift of self. I could do anything I set my mind to and didn’t need anyone to tell me I COULDN’T. What an amazing thing for her to give me.

  125. Joni G. says:

    While recovering from a near-death illness, I needed someone to stay with me to care for me and my young son. My mother moved in, interrupting her life, taking off work, etc. to care for me until I could do so myself. This was truly amazing!

  126. Hailey F. says:

    The most amazing thing my mother has ever done for me is give me the strength to live my life. I know that is a little morbid but it is the truth. My mother is my best friend and she has always been there for me through my twenty years of being alive. I didn’t always have an easy life growing up: I was diagnosed with a learning disability in fourth grade, I was born hard of hearing but didn’t find out till I was in eighth grade, and a few months ago I just discovered I may have Aspergers sydrome (I haven’t been medically diagnosed yet but I have a feeling I have it because of the things I do). I just want to say that my mother is my hero and will always been because of the things she has done for me. I love my mom with all my heart and have no idea where I would be today in life if it wasn’t for her.

  127. Sherry Weimer says:

    My mother is 85 years old and is still always there for me. She is always been an inspiration to me and I strive to be the wonderful person that she has always been. I hope that my daughters will still feel that way about me when I am 85.

  128. Becky says:

    She cut me off when I needed to see the error of my ways and find my own way and learn who I was…

  129. Heidi Coggins says:

    My mom sacrificed so much for all of her children. Even when she didn’t have the “extra” money to waste when we were growing up, she always managed to let us do anything we wanted to. If there was a school function we wanted to be involved in and we were keeping our grades up she would do everything in her power to make sure that we got to do it even if it was a sacrifice on her part. My mom made sure all of her children were well educated and to this day if any of us needs anything she still will sacrifice to make sure we have it. There was a time that my husband and I were barely scraping by and she helped us pay our mortgage for almost a year and never asked for repayment! When my husband and I lost our sweet baby girl at three days old, our oldest, she came all the way from Arizona to Alabama to help me when I myself almost died as well. I thank God everyday or my mom and she is by far my biggest hero.

  130. Carolyn Auriemma says:

    My mom is always there for me. She made sure I got a great education and helped take care of my son when he was young so that I could work. Once when I was so sick that I couldn’t take him to school or pick him up, she came to my house every day to do all of that for me so that I could rest and get better. She still does whatever she can for my family because she is the most giving and thoughtful person I know.

  131. Ed Nemmers says:

    She assumed the mortgage on the home and raised my brother and me!

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