Contest Update

I’m sorry to keep you all waiting, but we had a slight computer glitch and I’m still hearing back from the entrants who were chosen to receive autographed copies of THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE.  This should be resolved by day’s end, and the recipients will be announced tonight!

Thank you for your patience.  I won’t keep you waiting a minute longer than necessary!

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My Mother’s Day contest officially closed as of midnight.  I received an overwhelming number of some of the most heartwarming stories I’ve ever read, and I thank each and every one of you who shared your Mother’s Day feelings and memories with me.  There were so many inspiring and meaningful themes that came through time and again: the gift of birth, of adoption, of women who were well ahead of their time, of unselfish support during times of illness or adversity, of providing an education regardless of financial means, of survival skills, and of building strength of character to last a lifetime.

The truth is, I cannot select a “winner”, since I feel there are over a hundred of those!  So, instead, I’m selecting (at random) 3 entries, rather than 1, and sending those entrants signed copies of THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE.

I’ll be personally pulling the random entries myself, and will then immediately contact the entrants by email.  Once they’ve responded, their names and entries will then be posted and highlighted on my blog, by either late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

So stay tuned, and many thanks for your huge response and inspiring entries!

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Well, I couldn’t resist running a contest in honor of Mother’s Day. Here’s the scoop: in THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE, Hope is a mother who’d do anything for her child, so when her little girl disappears she goes against FBI and law enforcement protocol and hires the rogue investigators of Forensic Instincts to supplement their efforts.

Enter the contest by posting a comment that answers this question:

What’s the most amazing thing your mother has ever done/did for you?

The contest entries will be judged by myself and my editor. The entries are due by Sunday, May 15th at midnight. A winner will be announced on Monday, May 16th. That winner will receive, in advance of its 5/31 publication date, an autographed copy of THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE.

Good luck, and I look forward to reading your stories!

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Who’s more creative, my dog or me?

My Pomeranian pup goes with me to my office every day.  He loves being with me.  However, he hates that I’m working.  He thinks my office is a big playpen where he and I should be romping together all day.  This puts more than a crimp in my creative juices.  But what’s even more humbling is the fact that he’s more creative than I am.  He’s mastered the art of diverting me, detaining me, and just plain preventing me from writing.  Some examples: He lies across my keyboard, gazing up at me with adoring eyes (and erasing my last paragraph in the process).  He plants his front paws (small but lethal) over my hands to keep them from moving on the keyboard.  He shoves his head under my arm so that I’m cuddling him and my arm can no longer reach the computer.  And, when all else fails, he whimpers pathetically, as if he hasn’t already received 24/7 attention and affection.  The problem is, I’m a pushover.  So he wins, I lose, and I wind up writing until the wee hours of the morning when he’s taking his nighttime snooze.  Yet another reason why one book a year is my limit. :)

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Jinxed Exercise Efforts

I am NOT an exercise lover. I’m an exercise DO-ER. For all the right reasons, I jump onto my stationary bike 3x/week and pedal furiously for 40 minutes, cursing a lot in between. But I think I’m being given some kind of message. Twice this month I’ve been mid-stride when a total blackout hit my neighborhood. Off went the TV, the lights, and there I was in total, terrifying darkness. Is this a hint to be more reverent about my fitness program? :)

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Launch of my new website!

Welcome all!

My first blog post on my new website. Hope this is a great start of interactions between you and me. We’ll talk about my books, my news, my updates and your thoughts about them all. So fasten your seat belts!

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