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April 2011 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Hi all!

I have so many things to share with you: a new newsletter, a new website, new ways to connect with me via Facebook and Twitter (in addition, of course, to my reader e-list)-- and, most of all, my new suspense thriller!

THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE will be released by Mira Books on May 31, 2011. In it, you'll meet my latest team of independent investigators: the maverick powerhouses that comprise Forensic Instincts. Casey Woods, founder and head of FI is a complex and brilliant assessor of human behavior. Marc Devereaux is a former Navy SEAL and a retired agent of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Ryan McKay is a master at strategy and a techno-genius. We also have Claire Hedgleigh, a remarkable intuitive, or, as Ryan calls her, "Claire-voyant". Oh, and did I mention Hero, the retired FBI Human Scent Evidence dog-- and the greatest bloodhound ever?!

Their case? A five-year-old girl has been kidnapped. Her parents are a family court judge and a defense attorney, who have more than enough money to hire Forensic Instincts, more than enough enemies as potential suspects, and more than enough personal skeletons to suggest that the answers may be close to home. Motives and suspects abound. To top that off, this is no ordinary kidnapping. I won't tell you why (it would ruin the excitement of finding out on your own), but suffice it to say, Casey and her team have scads of layers to peel back, threads to untangle, and little time to do it in. The sands of the hourglass are running out for little Krissy Willis. Every branch of law enforcement is involved, from the local police to the FBI-- none of whom are too thrilled with Forensic Instincts' involvement and unorthodox methods. Especially FBI Supervisory Special Agent Kyle "Hutch" Hutchinson of the BAU, who also happens to be romantically involved with Casey. They've never had to go head-to-head professionally before, so this is an intense, combative (and passionate) first!

The rub is that Forensic Instincts is all about getting results: bringing Krissy home safe and sound. Bending or breaking the rules is standard operating procedure-- which is in direct conflict with law enforcement's strategy.

This time around, I was fortunate enough to work with the FBI's Crimes Against Children Unit, the Child Abduction Response Deployment teams (CARD), the Forensic Canine Unit, the Evidence Response Team, the North Castle Chief of Police, and, of course, the FBI's amazing Behavioral Analysis Unit.

The plot of THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE is complex. The suspense is gripping. And the Forensic Instincts team is awesome! I know I'm biased, but I loved creating them more than I can say. And I can't wait till the end of May when I can share the characters and the storyline with you! The chilling cover is posted on my website, along with a summary of the book, and an excerpt to whet your appetite.

Till then, please join my fan page on Facebook and "like" it. Also, follow me on Twitter. And check out my new Author's Blog where I'll be discussing a whole host of interesting topics. I'll be posting frequently on all, and will be more than happy to respond to your questions and comments.

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For now, look for updates, and we'll all wait (impatiently) for May 31st to come, along with THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE!

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