September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017

Dear Readers,

It’s been a long time since I’ve published a brand new newsletter, and for that I apologize. Things here have been so crazy, between my new book releases and the re-releases of my historical romantic suspense novels—not to mention the fact that I’m about to become a first-time Grandma! The time has just flown by. But here I am, ready to fill you in on all the latest. And what better time than now, with the big reveal of my stunningly-gorgeous new website (isn’t it amazing?!) AND the upcoming September 19th release of A FACE TO DIE FOR.

If you’re already a Forensic Instincts fan, you’ll know that A FACE TO DIE FOR is the 6th book in the FI series. If you’re new to the series—not to worry. Each one of the novels is a stand-alone title. Still, it would help if you knew a bit about the FI team, who they are, and what they do. So let me give you a little background and you can take it from there!

In a nutshell, Forensic Instincts is a private investigation company comprised of powerhouse personalities who bring individual, distinctive skills to the table, and who walk a perpetual, fine line between legal and illegal in order to protect their clients and solve their cases. They are an eclectic group of professionals, each unique in personality and talents. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of each of them:

Casey Woods : Founder and head of FI, Casey is, not only a born leader, but an experienced and brilliant assessor of human behavior. She was a consultant to law enforcement long before she opened the doors of Forensic Instincts. Casey’s significant other is FBI Supervisory Special Agent Kyle “Hutch” Hutchinson, who’s a dynamo unto himself, and who is too-often torn between the strict policies of the Bureau and his commitment to Casey. Poor Hutch—too often this is a tough road to walk.

Marc Devereaux : Former Navy SEAL and a retired special agent of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, Marc is Casey’s right-hand guy. His physical and mental acuity is second to none, so we’re talking about the perfect combination of brains and brawn. Marc is also a newlywed, having been recently reunited with the love of his life and, this time, having been smart enough to marry her.

Ryan McKay : A master at strategy and a technical-whiz who defies the stereotypic “computer geek” image with his Black Irish good looks and natural charm, Ryan’s genius is equaled (well, almost) by his ego. Besides being able to hack into anything and everything, he’s also the creator of Yoda (see a description of Yoda below). Ryan has a weakness for one woman, and she happens to be a member of the FI team.

Claire Hedgleigh : A remarkable intuitive, or, claircognizant, who has the unique gift/curse of perceiving things that others cannot—an essential talent that helps the FI team uncover gruesome realities and, at the same time, provides them with invaluable insights that contribute to case-solving. “Claire-voyant”, as Ryan calls her, is as drawn to Ryan as he is to her, and they have a love/hate relationship that explodes in the bedroom and the boardroom. A classic case of polar opposites attract.

Patrick Lynch : A retired FBI Special Agent who joins the firm via a shared case in the first Forensic Instincts novel, THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE, Patrick runs the entire security team that works for FI with the same professionalism that he applies to working cases. His tenacity and patience, not to mention his compassion, are crucial traits that, together with his level head, keeps the team grounded—especially when they’re straying just a little too far over the proverbial legal line in the sand.

Emma Stirling : A former street kid and pickpocket, Emma blasted onto the FI scene in the 4th Forensic Instincts novel, THE SILENCE THAT SPEAKS. She’s young, she’s eager, and she’s reformed her ways—more or less J. Her special skills come in handy when FI is in need of deft fingers at the right time. In her early-twenties and with her Alice in Wonderland looks, Emma appears as innocent as a lamb when she’s anything but. Emma is a breath of fresh air who keeps the team on its toes.

Hero : A retired FBI Human Scent Evidence dog—and the greatest bloodhound ever—who belongs to Casey, but whose keen nose continues to help solve many an FI case.

Yoda : FI’s artificial intelligence system (and one of Ryan’s greatest achievements), Yoda’s abilities grow larger each day. His voice and persona are almost human, and the rest of the team is convinced that he’s omniscient—which makes him a virtual team member.

So there you have it—either an introduction to or a refresher course on the Forensic Instincts team. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love writing them; at this point they propel me in the direction that they demand to be written!

Let’s get to A FACE TO DIE FOR. The new challenge for the FI team in this book involves two dovetailing cases, one a frightening case of sexual harassment, and the other a case of two woman, identical in appearance and mannerisms, who are dead-set on uncovering the true nature of their relationship. They dig deep—way too deep for those who would kill to keep them apart. Check out the excerpt of A FACE TO DIE FOR on my website, and you’ll have a chilling preview of what lies ahead. You’ll also see the stunning cover, read a summary of the story, and, of course, find links to preorder the book. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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So that’s it for now. I can’t wait for September 19th when you can all read A FACE TO DIE FOR and be drawn into the next exciting adventure of the world of Forensic Instincts!



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