New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

No Way Out

by Andrea Kane

November 2007[Reissue] - Orig Pub Date Nov 2001
ISBN: 1416554858 [Originally Released as 0743412753]

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Something is wrong with teacher Julia Talbot's favorite second-grader, the mayor's son Brian. Seeing the outgoing little boy become increasingly anxious and withdrawn, she suspects problems at home, inside the mansion of a high-profile political family. But even Julia doesn't know the real truth. Venture capitalist Connor Stratford, the boy's powerful uncle, does.

Intrigued by Julia, Connor plans a campaign of seduction designed to keep her from snooping-- and to get her into his bed. Yet Julia has already learned too much. As danger bears down on her like a runaway freight train, Brian vanishes, and a desperate hunt to find him draws Julia deeper into a family's secrets and an irresistible passion-- and closer to a place where a child's future, and her own fate, hang in the balance.